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We are The Guys and we offer a range of high quality web development and cryptocurrency development services.

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We waste no time in getting your order completed. We know time is money so efficient delivery is a major priority for us. We will give you an estimate for completion and stick to it, circumstances permitting.



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Coin Development

We offer a range of coin packages allowing you to create your own cryptocurrency. We offer a range of Algorithims including X15 and Scrypt as well as options regarding Proof of Work(Pow) and Proof of Stake(Pos). All our coin packages come with source code and GUI (Qt) wallets. Also, we can easily customize any package to meet your requirements.


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Web Development

A high quality web development service suited for your business. For a fixed price (with no hidden fees) your business can come online. A website that can help attract new clients as well as help existing customers get in touch. No technical knowledge required we’ll handle everything. Everything is built from the ground up and is fully bespoke.


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White Paper

Our white paper service helps you clearly communicate to all your stakeholders your coins’ vision, technical details, purpose and plan. Such documentation can also include other details as needed.


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Node Hosting

For a very affordable price we will run a Node on our high performance VPS , 24/7 . Your community will be able to establish a connection with your altcoin network at all times. We also handle all the setup.


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