Node Hosting

With our Node Hosting package your community can have a better connection to your network.




Affordable Price

This service is very affordable and much cheaper than renting a VPS itself. We simply charge 19 USD with a min commitment of 3 months. Please note payments are made up-front or via escrow


24/7 uptime

Your coin will be running on a high performace Linux VPS. It will be active 24/7. This means users will always stay connected no matter where they are located and no matter what time.


Hassle Free

The process is hassle free all we need is your source-code and the rest will be handled by us without any need to worry about the technical aspect. Plus, we aim to get your node up within 24 hours or less.


Inquire about ordering a Node Hosting Package – 19 USD Per month



What is offered ?

By purchasing this package we will run your coin on our servers. This means you will have an additional node 24/7 on your network. The more nodes within an altcoin network the better. Often new altcoins will have difficulty finding a node as not many people are running the coin software, in these circumstances having a stable node as offered such as offered by us is vital.

Multi Node Discount

Want to order more than two nodes? In that case we can offer a bulk discount. Simply contact us with your requirements and we’ll get back to you with a quote.


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